This tour is our most 'outdoorsy' sightseeing tour, with a fair bit of walking involved at each location. The total amount of walking is approximately 4 miles on uneven surfaces, if this is not for you, our other sightseeing tours have much less walking. The tour is a combination of the best mountain views and visits to the most accessible waterfalls in waterfall country. For a more complete tour of the waterfalls be sure to check our our Waterfall Country Walking Tours.
The tour starts at your Brecon Beacons accommodation or Abergavenny railway station (allowing you to do it as a day trip from several UK cities including Cardiff and London).
Duration: 10am - 6pm
Number of places: 2-6
James Cresswell, at the top of Twyn y Gaer with great views of the National Park
Your guide, James Cresswell, at the top of Twyn y Gaer with great views of the National Park
Mynydd Illtud common and Pen-y-Fan
Mynydd Illtud common and Pen-y-Fan 
Maen Llia standing stone
Maen Llia standing stone
Sgwd Glun Gwyn / Fall of the White Meadow
Sgwd Glun Gwyn / Fall of the White Meadow
Sgwd Isaf Gwyn Waterfall / Lower Fall of the White Meadow
Sgwd Isaf Gwyn Waterfall / Lower Fall of the White Meadow
Henrhyd waterfall
Henrhyd waterfall
The view of the Upper Swansea Valley from Penwyllt

The view of the Upper Swansea Valley from Penwyllt




(Based on 2 people, price is reduced with more people
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Twyn y Gaer Hill Fort and Mynydd Illtud - Spectacular views over all four mountain ranges in the National Park, a Roman road, an iron age fort, glacial moraine, and scientifically important wetland. For the best views we climb to the top of the hillfort which is a 15-minute walk each way.

Maen Llia -  Our vehicle climbs a series of steep hairpin bends, known as the Devil's Elbow, with a magnificent view to reach Maen Llia - a Bronze Age standing stone, set in the wilds of Fforest Fawr.

Porth Ogrof - The largest cave opening in Wales. The Brecon Beacons is home to the largest cave network in north-west Europe. To reach the the cave opening we must climb down a steep, slippy rock path - but it does have a hand rail.

Sgwd Clun Gwyn / Fall of the White Meadow - A spectacular waterfall on the River Mellte, just 15 minutes walk from our parking place. This path is easy but has bit of a climb to it. The waterfall is formed where a north-northwest to south-southeast trending fault brings hard sandstone up against softer mudstone.

Sgwd Isaf Clun Gwyn -  This waterfall is a further 10 minutes walk down stream from Sgwd Clun Gwyn. The path is narrow and very uneven.

Dinas Rock -  The 'fortress rock' a high promontory of Carboniferous Limestone that used to have an iron age fort on its summit. Legend has it that King Arthur and his army lay asleep within the rock ready to come to the aid of Britain if ever needed again.

Bwa Maen Fold - The 'Stone Bow' this is a spectacular fold in the Carboniferous limestone.

Sychryd Falls/ Sgydau Sychryd -  This is a cascade of water that flows between Dinas Rock and Bwa Maen.

Henrhyd Waterfall - This is the highest waterfall in South Wales which flows over the famous 'Farewell Rock', the bottom layer of the South Wales Coalfield. When early geologists first described it, fossil tree trunks were found at its base.  The waterfall was filmed as the entrance to the Batcave in the film 'Batman Returns'

Penwyllt-  The site of a former limestone quarry and abandoned railway station, lying above the largest cave network in western Europe. We can take a walk to an incredible viewpoint over the Upper Swansea Valley.


Sgwd yr Eira Waterfall 

If everyone in the group is agreeable and able, it is possible to visit Sgwd yr Eira waterfall. This is the most famous waterfall in the Brecon Beacons. The waterfall is however 30 minutes walking in each direction further on than Sgwd Clun Gwyn waterfall which itself is 15 minutes from the road. If we deside to do the extension we will have to  drop Sychryd Falls and Penwyllt to make time for it.

Emerging from behind a very full Sgwd yr Eira (The Fall of Snow)

Selected Photos from this tour